Pocosin Arts School of Fine Art


Pocosin Arts School of Fine Craft is offering a 10% Tuition DISCOUNT to all Registered ECU Symposium attendees.  Pocosin’s pre and post symposium workshops feature Anne Havel & Harlan Butt.  Anne’s pre-symposium workshop is Jan. 6 – 10, 2020 and Harlan Butt’s workshop is Jan. 21 – 25, 2020.

Learn to use a torch, various methods of line creation, and imagery within your enamel piece. Techniques such as sgraffito, graphite, acid-etching, painting, and more will be demonstrated. Learning to see objects and images in different ways to develop your vision as an artist will expand your ability to give equal weight to planning, enameling, and setting your work. The use of screws, rivets, tabs, sewing with wire/threads, and soldering are all available options for more complex settings. Some enameling and metalsmithing experience is necessary.
Cloisonné enameling is essentially drawing with wires and filling in around them with glass. Several processes will be discussed but cloisonné will be the primary technique covered. It can be simple or complex. Everyone will learn how to use Harlan’s special jig for forming repetitive shapes in cloisonné. Basic metalsmithing/jewelry skills and some enameling experience would be helpful, but beginners are welcome. The class will also be composing haiku poems as a means to focus, relax and foster a sense of community